Just Keep Swimming

“I will have to evaluate her progress today and then make that decision. If she shows me that she is progressing then we will continue through the summer.” This was the response I received from Lottie’s pool therapist after asking about scheduling 6 more weeks. And in front of me is Charlotte 3 years 10 months and 19 days old, in a huge pool expected to prove what I already know, pool therapy is very beneficial to her. But it’s 9 am and she’s three and unpredictable. 

Immediately I start sweating and not solely because the pool room at Children’s Mercy is kept at like 1 million degrees, but mostly because I can not do anything. It is out of my control. I am just the lady on the sidelines, willing Charlotte to show off. After a couple minutes, I retreated to the “play room” that is air conditioned and positioned so that I can observe. 

As soon as I catch my breath and began to feel as if I am not really going to die from heat, I freak out. I think about texting Neal and complaining about the dumb system and why should Charlotte have to perform for them. Then I calm some more and realize that I need to believe in our mantra, believe in our girl and most importantly believe in the immeasurably mores.  “Ok God, please give Lottie a little push, we really want to continue pool therapy, I mean if that’s what you think is best. Ok thank you and amen”

With in 5 minutes, I hear her therapist yell excitedly “Mom, come in here!!!” They all just refer to me as mom , which is a memory thing for them but an identity thing for me but more on that some other time. 

I quickly and willingly leave the comfort of the air conditioning and pull out my phone ready to take pictures. And there she is walking at the bottom of the pool with out prompting!!! Yes, you heard me walking!!!!! Her therapist is thrilled, I am thrilled and then Lottie does a jump and then a kick and then she claps for herself. I looked at the therapist and she says “well I definitely think this is progress, we will schedule her through the summer.” 

I breathe a sigh of relief with a hint of I told you so. And sit down next to the pool in the heat and enjoy watching the next 45 minutes of our girl being well the hero we know she is. “Thank you God for making my girl so surprising and amazing!” 

This is just a small step towards walking and  because Charlotte has low tone, she is not able to do on land what she can in water (YET) but these tiny reciprocal steps mean the world to me! 

I will end here and will share about her speech progress tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures below! 


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